7 Ways to Catch an Alpha Shifter

We’ve been reading all the books, studying the different strategies. If you’re the heroine in a paranormal romance novel, this here is your all-inclusive, how-to guide on catching your alpha shifter boyfriend.

(We love gay, lesbian, and poly PNR, too! So please mentally substitute whichever pronouns work for your purposes.)

  1. Be Sassy in the Face of Gruff Alphaholishness

That’s right. Don’t let his bossiness throw you off your game. Snark away, my friend, and soon you will captivate any nearby alpha shifters.

  1. Have His Baby

In a shifter romance novel, this is pure gold. Works like a charm. If it doesn’t work on your target, don’t you worry, his equally alpha best friend or brother will be at your and the baby’s beck and call.

  1. Work for Him

If he’s your boss, you’re practically guaranteed to bone. HR might care, but don’t let them cockblock you. Get it, gurl.

  1. Get Snowed-in with Him

Only one bed? Y’all will totally be taking advantage. I hope you brought condoms to your unscheduled mountain retreat.

  1. Break Up with Him

If you’ve previously dated or boned, break up with the guy. When you next find yourself in a romance novel with him, don’t you worry. Things will all work out, history will be addressed, and there may even be tearful groveling (so wear waterproof boots).

  1. Fake the Relationship

Neither of you likes the other, yeah, we get it. But for Reasons, you must pretend. As you pretend, he will develop feelings for you, and you will buy two tickets to O-town by the midpoint of your novel.

  1. Face Mortal Peril

Obviously, this is a tough one to pull off and it isn’t recommended for newbies or the faint of heart. In fact, I would avoid this one at all costs. HOWEVER, if you do find yourself in dire straits, you can be sure your nearest alpha shifter will be ready to bail you out, and he’ll bite your neck to mark you as his mate.

Despite my extensive study of this topic, we’ve probably missed one or two methods for capturing alpha shifter boyfriends. If you have another idea for heroes and heroines looking for their very own alpha shifter, please share in the comments!

Otherwise, you’re all set! Go catch your alpha shifter boyfriend!