A Thank-You and a Kickass Reviews Cheat Sheet

First, thank you sooooo much for all of your support and well-wishes during release week for Savage Redemption! It really made the week special, getting to share it with so many readers, and I appreciate everything you did for me! <3


If you like shifter books, Liza is DEFINITELY an author to have in your library!!! -Lauren at Romance Novel Giveaways

This entire book is so well written that I strongly recommend it to all PNR lovers!!  Keep an eye out for this author since her writing is so spellbinding that you will want more from her!! -Cheryl

And now for the gift! Having heard from a few readers that they aren’t sure how to leave reviews, I started tinkering around with a little idea–a cheat sheet of ideas and sentence starters to help people feel more confident about what to write. As an author, I can totally identify with the anxiety that can come from staring at a blinking cursor and not knowing exactly what to say.


This “cheat sheet” will give you a jumping-off point if you’re a reviewer newbie, and maybe some ideas for mixing it up if you’re a pro. Lauren at Romance Novel Giveaways (linked above in her review snippet), was kind enough to look this over for me, and she said, “Literally every single thing was relevant and helpful…I will be using some of those prompts and phrases in my reviews because I hadn’t thought of them!”

Now, this cheat sheet was at least a little bit selfishly motivated because I would love to see more reviews on my books on Amazon and elsewhere. However, you can use it for any book you read! I hope it’s helpful to you, and be sure to fill in the final little picture at the end with your name. <3


Click here to download a printable PDF of “Liza Street’s Kickass Reviews Cheat Sheet.”

4 thoughts on “A Thank-You and a Kickass Reviews Cheat Sheet”

  1. OMG thank you! I just started doing reviews and signing up for ARCs and I have to say I do love it but find it hard to START the review. This cheer sheet is awesome and a brain saver.

  2. Thank you so much for the “sheet”. I’m new to writing reviews and this is incredibly helpful. I’m usually too brief and would like to be less succinct and still get the idea over that what I just read is worth a read to someone else..

    1. You’re welcome, Mari! I’m really glad to give you some ideas like this. Just remember, even your brief, succinct reviews are appreciated by authors–we love ALL reviews. <3

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