Liza got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Years later, she tried her own hand as a ghostwriter of romance. It wasn’t long before she started developing her own series. Now she spends her time writing about shifters with fierce and savage hearts.




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  1. Vivienne

    I have a couple of questions please: What books are in the Spellbound Sisters I see that Oracle Adored from Valentine Between The Sheets anthology is book 2 but, 1) What Is book 1’s title & is it available for purchase? 2) Will Oracle Adored be available for purchase separately from the anthology? I am a avid reader & have all of your books to date, but as a rule I tend to shy away from anthologies unless they have more than 1 or 2 of my authors, or the story from 1 of my authors will never be published separately, and because I usually end up repurchasing a book anyway when it is released separately. So please help me with this. Thank You

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    1. Great questions, Vivienne! Thank you for asking! So, Book 1 in Spellbound Sisters is titled Oracle Defiant, and it will be released in just two weeks in the Captivated anthology, which is up for pre-order. Here’s the link: https://www.books2read.com/rh-captivated Both books will be sold separately when they come out of the sets–and we have plans to expand “Oracle Adored” so it’s a little bit longer than it is in Valentine Between the Sheets, which had a word limit. I hope this helps you make your decisions! 🙂


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