Blood Bounty

This is my first urban fantasy, and I’m so excited for it!

Three things annoy the hell out of Gracie Boswell: noisy saloons, handsy cowboys, and vampires.

Ever since a bloodsucker took down her pa, Gracie’s sole mission is the extinction of the vampire species. She travels the west on the dime of sleepy little towns who are more than happy to toss her a coin for the trouble of clearing their trouble. But she’s not the only bounty hunter on the job, or the only one with a score to settle.

To rid the west of otherworldly outlaws, she’ll have to trust someone to watch her back. What choice does she have when failure means ending up in a shallow grave?

Blood Bounty, Charmslinger of the Weird West, Book 1, by Liza Street urban fantasy book cover, with brown-haired woman wearing cowboy hat and pink and red sky

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One more time, with feeling: This is an urban fantasy novel. It is NOT a romance! Not a romance! I love romances, too, but this is not that. 🙂