Blood Bounty

This is my first urban/alternate history fantasy, and I’m so excited for it!

Gracie Boswell’s got a charmed bullet, a brand new posse, and a pack of outlaw vampires to kill.

The tiny town of Penance has a big vampire problem—and charmslinger Gracie Boswell aims to be the solution. A whole nest of vampires makes for a mighty fine bounty, though, and Gracie is far from the only charmslinger angling for the job. When a charming local layabout and an old competitor elbow their way into Gracie’s posse, she’s forced to at least pretend to play nice…but trust is scarce in the west, and smart bounty hunters always sleep with one eye open.

But Gracie doesn’t have much time to watch her fellow bounty hunters—Penance’s vampire nest is bigger and more organized than anyone suspected, and there’s at least one traitor in the town’s midst. Soon, Gracie finds herself in the unenviable position of leaning on her posse…and at least one of them isn’t what he claims to be.

Blood Bounty, Charmslinger of the Weird West, Book 1, by Liza Street urban fantasy book cover, with brown-haired woman wearing cowboy hat and pink and red sky

Blood Bounty is a Barnes & Noble Top Indie Favorite in August 2020, and a Pick of the Pack from the Wolf Pack blog.


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One more time, with feeling: This is an urban fantasy/alternate history novel. It is NOT a romance! Not a romance! I love romances, too, but this is not that. 🙂