Bonus Content

Hey! Welcome to my super secret bonus content page! It’s a work-in-progress, but I’ll be sure to let you know when new content is up via my newsletter.

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“The Colorful Vocabulary of Hayley Jaynes” – a collection of Hayley’s creative swears in Wild Atonement, plus a few bonuses. Click here to view the pdf.

“A Brutal Pink” – a standalone short story in the Fierce Mates world. Download this on BookFunnel (no sign-up required).

Liza Street’s Kickass Reviews Cheat Sheet. Grab the pdf.

“Better Together” – a deleted scene from Savage Redemption. Grab the pdf.

“Ava and Jude” – short story prequel to Fierce Heartbreaker. Grab the pdf. (Note: it’s also included as a bonus in the boxed set of the Sierra Pride series, so if you have that, you have “Ava and Jude” already.)

Fierce Wanderer – my debut novelette that started all this shifter hotness insanity. Download it free from your fave retailer.

“Irredeemable” – a prequel story to Savage Redemption. Also goes well with Savage Penance, for some insight into Doug. Download it free from your fave retailer.

“One Savage Night” – a prequel story to Savage Penance. Download it free from Apple, or download from BookFunnel (no sign-up required).

“Dragon Forgotten” – a prequel story written by me and the amazing Keira Blackwood. It takes place before Dragon Shattered, but we wrote it after we wrote the Spellbound Shifters: Dragons Entwined trilogy, so you can read it at any point. It’s told from Slade’s point of view. Download it free from your fave retailer.