Bonus Content

Hey! Welcome to my super secret bonus content page! It’s a work-in-progress, but I’ll be sure to let you know when new content is up via my newsletter.

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“The Colorful Vocabulary of Hayley Jaynes” – a collection of Hayley’s creative swears in Wild Atonement, plus a few bonuses. Click here for the pdf.

Liza Street’s Kickass Reviews Cheat Sheet. Check it out if you want to help out authors by leaving reviews, but you’re not sure how–or use it to get new ideas for the reviews you already like to write. Grab the pdf.

“Better Together” – a deleted scene from Savage Redemption. Grab the pdf.

“Ava and Jude” – short story prequel to Fierce Heartbreaker. Grab the pdf. (Note: it’s also included as a bonus in the boxed set of the Sierra Pride series, so if you have that, you have “Ava and Jude” already.)

Fierce Wanderer – my debut novelette that started all this shifter hotness insanity. Download it free from your fave retailer.

“Irredeemable” – a prequel story to Savage Redemption. Also goes well with Savage Penance, for some insight into Doug. Download it free from BookFunnel.

“One Savage Night” – a prequel story to Savage Penance. Download from BookFunnel.

“Dragon Forgotten” – a prequel story written by me and the amazing Keira Blackwood. It takes place before Dragon Shattered, but we wrote it after we wrote the Spellbound Shifters: Dragons Entwined trilogy, so you can read it at any point. It’s told from Slade’s point of view. Download it free from your fave retailer.

“Savage Valentine” – a bonus scene featuring Jameson and Nina from Savage Heartache, featuring some light kink (role-playing and spanking). Takes place quite some time after the novel. Download it free from BookFunnel.