Filthy Grizzly

She’s his best friend’s little sister. She’s off-limits. But his inner grizzly wants nothing more than to claim her as his mate.

Filthy Grizzly is the sixth Junkyard Shifter novel. As with the others, it stands alone. 🙂

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Octavia doesn’t belong anywhere. Not with the witches, what with her dwindling powers. And not with the shifters, not when she can’t shift into her cougar. When she earns the wrath of her old pride, she needs somewhere to hide out. And what better place than the Junkyard prison for misbehaving shifters—especially when her childhood crush, Dallas, lives there?

Dallas has wanted Octavia for years. Unfortunately, she’s still under the watchful eye of her very protective brother, who also happens to be Dallas’s best friend. But when said brother requests Dallas’s help with Octavia’s protection—in Dallas’s territory and in Dallas’s house—it’s going to be a whole helluva lot harder for Dallas to keep his gruff, grizzly hands off of her.

Love bossy shifters and forbidden romance? Get Filthy Grizzly, the sixth novel in the Junkyard Shifters series. Each book stands alone, but you might enjoy them more if you start with the prequel, Filthy Vandal, or Book 1, Filthy Beast.