Filthy Prince

Filthy Prince, the fifth Junkyard Shifters novel, is out now!

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This Junkyard billionaire is about to learn that money can’t buy him love.

Gabrielle’s been guarding a secret while she hides in a Junkyard trailer, safe from the prying eyes of her new “friends,” and safer still from the ruthless control of her alpha father. This precious secret is more important than anything—even more important than Gabrielle’s desire to be with the sexy, enigmatic wolf shifter who stole her heart.
Damien knew there was something special about Gabrielle when he first laid eyes on her. The way she pushes his buttons makes his inner wolf howl to claim her. He doesn’t know why she ended their affair after one night, but he’s a patient hunter, and he can wait for her to come around.
It turns out, though, that Gabrielle doesn’t need a hunter—she needs a protector.
Just like her baby needs a father.

An excerpt from the book!

“Good morning,” Gabrielle said in a careful voice, trying unsuccessfully to shove aside all thoughts of their night together. “Do you need something?”

“This,” he said, dropping his arms and marching forward. He stopped close to her, so close she could feel his body heat against her stomach and breasts. The baby did a little flip. Or maybe that was Gabrielle’s heart. “Can I kiss you?” he asked.

Dumbfounded, Gabrielle squeaked, “I guess?”

“I need consent,” he said.

“Um. Go for it.” The words left her mouth before her brain could put on the brakes.

She didn’t want to put on the brakes, though. She wanted full-throttle, she wanted satisfaction, she wanted Damien.

His lips met hers like they’d been made just for Gabrielle. Firm yet soft. A little bit of scratchiness from his stubble to provide a counterpoint to the delights of his kiss. He opened his mouth slightly, and she opened hers in response. His tongue touched her lips, but that was all.

Why was she allowing this to happen? Her brain was scrambled. She was weak around him. Something about this wicked wolf shifter made her forget her resolve.

And right now, she didn’t care about resolve.

Gabrielle clung to one of his shoulders with her free hand. She wanted to press herself closer to him, feel his heat all along her body. The baby bump got in the way, but Gabrielle didn’t let it deter her, and she turned sideways so she could feel Damien along the entire length of her body. His mouth continued to move against hers, and she felt enveloped in heat.