Filthy Thief

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After leaving his fated mate at the altar, he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve her love.

Kenzie can’t forgive, but she’s doing her damnedest to forget. Since the day the love of her life betrayed her, she has started a virtual assistant business, learned some self-confidence, and dated half the single men in Medford, Oregon. But not one of them can hold a candle to her rough-yet-tender ex-fiancé.

Wolf shifter Noah has more than his fair share of regrets. Every single day, he should have told Kenzie that he loved her. He should have realized his get-rich-quick schemes didn’t impress her, and worse, that they could rip her away from him. He never got his chance to say goodbye, so when she shows up at the Junkyard, he needs to do whatever it takes to earn her trust.

This is their second chance.

He’ll fight like hell—again—to keep her safe. Even if that means pushing her away and losing her forever.