Forbidden Fangs Collection

This collection includes three hilarious paranormal romantic comedies: Billionaires and Bodybags, Exes and Exorcisms, and Cowboys and Coffins!

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Hilarity, hijinks, hickies. When three vampire women on the run set up a tattoo parlor in Forbidden, trouble follows, as do the shifter men who want to claim their hearts. There’s a lot at stake…get it?

Billionaires and Bodybags

Marla bites. Hard. But she never bites the clients at her tattoo parlor, no matter how much they deserve it. When werewolf Grayson strolls in, claiming she’s his mate and demanding she accept his protection, she starts to wonder if some rules are made to be broken.

Exes and Exorcisms

When Kelly’s ex-boyfriend—a bossy, overprotective, overbearing shifter—arrives in Forbidden, she really wants to make a run for it. Especially when she learns he’s a vampire hunter. But she stands her ground, and the resulting confrontation is a battle of banter and a war of wits. May the best vampire—or vampire hunter—win.

Cowboys and Coffins

Because of her supernatural vampire senses, Omniscient Aubrey knows just about everything. She knows not-so-nice vampires are coming for her. She knows running won’t solve anything. She also knows there’s a wolf shifter in town who is meant to be her mate…but she doesn’t know how to protect her heart from his cocky cowboy charm.