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The Sierra Pride Series


These novellas, set in the gorgeous, rustic Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California, feature a group of shapeshifting mountain lions with fierce desires and big hearts. Each book stands alone and contains liberal use of naughty language and sexytimes. For buy links that include Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo, click here. You can also visit my Amazon author page.

The Corona Pride Series

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Set in the same world as the Sierra Pride, the Corona Pride books take place in a fictional mountain range in Montana and feature hot, sexy alphas and the rough, tough heroines who tame them.

All five books are out now! You can start here with Savage Yearning, available on Amazon.

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The Dark Pines Pride Series

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Set in the same world as the Sierra Pride and Corona Pride, the Dark Pines Pride books feature a family of three siblings of mountain lion shifters–Jackson, Hayley, and Will–as they reclaim the territory of their childhood.

The first two books, Wild Homecoming and Wild Atonement, are available now on Amazon. Wild Reunion will be available in December!

Wild Homecoming

Wild Atonement

Wild Reunion