Fierce Mates

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The Fierce Mates books, in a suggested reading order!

(You can also click some of the series titles for a specific page about the series, complete with cover images.)

Fierce Mates: Sierra Pride

Fierce Wanderer (FREE)

Fierce Heartbreaker (FREE to newsletter subscribers)

Ava & Jude (a Fierce Heartbreaker prequel, available FREE to newsletter subscribers)

Fierce Protector

Fierce Player

Fierce Dancer

Fierce Informer

Fierce Survivor

Fierce Lover

Fierce Mates: Corona Pride

Savage Yearning

Savage Loss

Savage Heartache

Savage Thirst

Savage Bliss

Irredeemable (FREE prequel to Savage Redemption)

Savage Redemption: Bad Alpha Dads

One Savage Night (FREE prequel to Savage Penance, currently only on Apple Books)

Savage Penance: Bad Alpha Dads

Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pride

Wild Homecoming

Wild Atonement

Wild Reunion

Wild Engagement

Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan

The Rose King

Ruthless Misfit

Ruthless Outlaw

Ruthless Fighter

Ruthless Rogue

Ruthless Knight


The Fierce Mates books are available at all major retailers, & lots of smaller ones, too!