Spellbound Shifters


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Spellbound Shifters are reverse harem paranormal romance books featuring sexy shifters and the women they fall for! These are #whychoose romances, meaning the lucky heroine ends up with three or more guys in each series.

Each book is available at all major retailers. Click the titles for the universal book links, which will whisk you to your favorite retailer, or give you options to choose from.

Spellbound Shifters: Dragons Entwined

Dragon Forgotten (a free prequel)

Dragon Shattered

Dragon Unbroken

Dragon Reborn

Dragon Ever After (a slice-of-life story)

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Spellbound Shifters: Fates and Visions

Oracle Defiant

Oracle Adored (formerly in the Valentine Between the Sheets anthology; it has since been expanded and published alone)

Spellcaster Hidden (previously in the Magic and Mayhem anthology, will be released soon on its own)

Spellcaster Found (coming soon)


Spellbound Shifters Standalones

Hope Reclaimed

Hope Reclaimed is also available in audio!

Orphan Entangled

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