Planners, Calendars, and Goals!

Yes, honey, I know. It’s January 1st and could we please just recover from staying up too late last night instead of talking about resolutions?

Nope. I didn’t stay up late, mwahahaha, and I’m ready to kick some ass this year!

My tools include books, two calendars, and a publishing schedule that will probably have me hiding under the bed come March. Oh, and my phone’s yoga app, because a set of resolutions isn’t complete without some kind of promise to get in shape.

Four books are on my January reading list, two of which I’ve already read at least once (twice, in the case of Deep Work).

  • You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero
  • Your Best Year Ever, by Michael Hyatt
  • The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
  • Deep Work, by Cal Newport


Two calendars–one is my planner. I’m branching out this year and moving beyond my 3-ring binder with the removable calendar pages. Instead, I’ll be using a Simple Elephant planner. I like the space it has for a mini vision board and goal-setting–not only for the beginning of the year, but for each week. Also, lots of pages at the back for notes and scribbles about how I might take over the world and spread the joy of paranormal romance throughout the land. (The downside is it doesn’t lie flat and I’m already fighting with it. I was giving the Happy Planners at Michael’s a longing gaze last week. My next planner will be spiral-bound!)

The other calendar is a boring 8.5×11 monthly agenda. I need a spot to keep track of what I’m publishing and when, with a nice big view of each month. I can also keep track of when I’m sharing friends’ books, and when they’re sharing mine, as well as giveaway start and end dates.

The publishing schedule has me releasing a Fierce Mates book every other month. This isn’t too ambitious on its own…but when we factor in all the reverse harem projects I’m writing and publishing with Keira in 2019, it might start to feel like a lot. We shall see!

4 thoughts on “Planners, Calendars, and Goals!”

  1. I’m electronic and synced with the rest of the family in Google calendar, color coordinated for each member. Doesn’t restrict me to paper in one place ( say a wall at home ) and at the same time I can hold them accountable. No reason for me to have to remind everyone all the time, they spend enough time staring at their screens. (It’s a work in progress with the teens).
    Having said that, I have a brand new bullet journal which I’m trying for the first time ever. ☺

    1. This will probably be me in a few years when my kiddos get a little older! Let me know how the bullet journal goes–exploring that is on my list for the year because one of my friends is convinced I’ll be an immediate convert (and she’s probably right)!

  2. So far I wrote the word “focus” and failing spectacularly. 🙃

    I’ll probably write about it in my blog or at least document some in Instagram. I’m really anxious to get started but I’m lazy today.

    1. I’ll follow your blog so I can check in and see how it’s going! No rush–for me, today is for thinking ahead, not so much *doing*. 🙂

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