Ruthless Guard

paranormal romance book with dragon and man

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This dragon shifter will burn down the whole world, if that’s what it takes to protect his fated mate.

After failing as a member of the Dragon Royal Guard and being lost for two hundred years, dragon shifter Hercules wants only to get lost in these modern times. When he first lays eyes on Brenna, he’s sure she’s been magicked into his life as a trick to entice him back to the queen’s service.

She has not. It turns out, though, that Brenna’s struggling with her own brand of danger. One year ago on Halloween, Brenna’s stalker escalated his so-called “affections.” He was caught, but Brenna hasn’t truly allowed herself to relax…maybe for good reason.

If Hercules isn’t fit to guard royalty, how can he guard someone even more important—the woman of his dreams—his fated mate?