Ruthless Knight – Out Next Week!

This book was tough at times, but that was mostly because I was writing the bulk of it over my kids’ winter break from school. Kiddos running around + drafting a book = frustration for all! However, there were also many moments (after the kids’ bedtime) that falling into this story was absolute bliss. I can’t wait to share it with you!

ruthless knight_medium

Nolan had never considered himself musical, but he played Tamryn’s body like a precious instrument. Each stroke, each gentle press against her flesh, elicited music in her whispers, moans, and gentle cries.

And when she came, shuddering against his hand, he drank in the music of her song.

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2 thoughts on “Ruthless Knight – Out Next Week!”

  1. You wanted to hear from fans of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.
    I am a huge fan of Kelley’s books. I have read all her books in her collection of ‘Women of the Other World’, which contain 13 main books, with numerous branches. Like you, I am very fond of the werewolf pack stories. I’m not sure if you have read the prequel to bitten; where Elaine first meets Professor Danvers at University, or the back story about Clay. If not, it explains a lot of why he did it. It also gives a bit of history behind the pack.
    Kelley has just released a book that now follows Elaina and Clay’s twins, as they go off to summer camp. She also has one to be released in March, also dealing with the twins (I can’t remember their names at the moment- a grey moment) working together with other paranormal teens at this summer camp.
    If you haven’t read any other of her paranormal books, I strongly suggest it. She writes about a few different types of species, and how they get along (or try). My personal favorites are the werewolf pack ones.
    As they are not as hot and spicy as your books are, Kelley has a more conservative writing style, so as not so in depth in the sex scenes.
    I’m also touched to know that a writer, such as yourself, would have read a book writen, by a Canadian author.

    1. Yes!!! I’ve read most of her Otherworld series. The werewolf ones are my favorites, as well. I remember being just as stunned as Elena when Paige showed up! I used to buy the new ones the day they came out and clear my schedule so I could spend the day reading (ah, the life of a college student). Then I had kids, and I think I’ve missed the last five or six of them. One of her young adult books didn’t enchant me, so I’ve been afraid to try the ones featuring Elena and Clay’s kids–did you enjoy it? Perhaps I should give her YA fiction another shot.

      Back in the beginning of her career, she had the Clay/Elena origin story posted on her site, along with a few other shorts, and I avidly read them all. Later, she published it into a hardcover, Men of the Otherworld, so I bought it to support her and thank her for sharing so freely of her writing.

      I took a Canadian Lit course in college, so I was given a very brief introduction–although Armstrong wasn’t a part of it, because the course primarily dealt with literary fiction. Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient was absolutely breath-taking. It made me so sad, I’ll probably never read it again, but it will remain on my bookshelf forever. And I’ve always loved Margaret Atwood for not only her superb writing, but her genre fluidity. She also comes across in her interviews and essays as someone to admire.

      Thank you for letting me geek out over Canadian literature with you!

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