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Soundtrack for Savage Penance

Finding music for Doug and Gwyn’s book was a blast–these two had such chemistry! Here’s a link to the playlist on YouTube, and below you’ll find the list of songs. <3 1. “I Did Something Bad” (Taylor Swift cover), Shoshana Bean and Cynthia Erivo 2. “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 3. “The […]

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Savage Penance – Out Now!

I’m so excited to announce that Savage Penance is now available through your favorite bookstores! You can snag a copy on Apple Books, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, or Amazon…or all of them, if you like switching between e-readers. 😉 Click the image below for the universal link, which will magically whisk you to your favorite

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Writing Savage Penance

Some books are hard to write. Just…difficult beasts, with the words fighting me the whole way. I wouldn’t say writing Savage Penance was easy (in fact, I remember whining about Chapter 21 being a pain in the ass), but it was certainly fun. Doug’s transformation was a challenge, that’s for sure. In the previous book

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Savage Redemption: Available Now

It’s finally here! Savage Redemption is now available from your favorite retailer! Click the image for the universal book link, and I’ll post each of the major retailer links below, as well. <3 Savage Redemption, starring: Ben Channing Hates: vampires, surprises Likes: his truck, burritos Delilah Jones Hates: negativity, lies Loves: her baby girl, tacos

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Savage Redemption, Coming Soon

Advance review copies have gone out and now I’m waiting…waiting…waiting. Savage Redemption releases on November 6th, so if you live in the US, you will hopefully go vote, and then buy your very own copy to read! (Or buy your copy first, and then vote. Either way–I won’t be picky about your process.) While we

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