The Final Week of 2020

hello 2021Dear 2021,

You could not come soon enough. I’m not one to linger on the past, so I won’t lay blame or tell you all the ways you could’ve really improved things by arriving sooner. Your evil stepsibling, 2020, was wholly irresponsible and honestly, a lot of us are wary now of what dangers you might be hiding. I think it prudent for me to outline my expectations for the coming year.

  1. Only nice surprises, please
  2. Kindness is the law of the land–and this means: no name-calling, no physical violence
  3. Allow us to heal
  4. I want reason and order
  5. Give those who need it an extra kick of Empathy Cocktail
  6. End poverty and hunger
  7. Bring together friends and family who’ve been separated too long
  8. Let artists do their art
  9. Let scientists do their science
  10. Let activists bring about awareness and positive change
  11. Let every person have a voice
  12. Give us lots of great books
  13. Bring us inspiration
  14. Bring laughter

And finally, let 2021 be like a romance novel, where good triumphs, and love wins.

Thank you, 2020, for whatever small mercies we were given (because I realize it could’ve been worse, although that’s hard to imagine). And thank you, 2021, for ushering in a new year and allowing me to hope for and envision something better.


2 thoughts on “The Final Week of 2020”

  1. We survived. And, really, that’s all I asked of 2020 and hope for 2021. 2020 taught me to keep my expectations rather low, unfortunately.

    I wish you a glorious, healthy, happy, successful New Year… just take it one day at a time. Be happy and get lost in good books (and maybe write a few as well *wink*)

    Happy New Year, Liza.

    Shifter Haven/Paranormal-y Romantic

    1. Happy New Year, Marsha! We did survive, and with our senses of humor intact. I completely plan on getting lost in good books–the ones I read, and the ones I write. 😉 Wishing you all good things in 2021. <3

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