Three Recent Loves

goal-kennedyThe Goal, by Elle Kennedy

As a fan of this series, I already had high expectations for the book. Kennedy did not disappoint, delivering the fantastic, witty banter, the FEELS (ohmygosh the feels), and a super satisfying story. I love a book that makes me laugh out loud, and the Off-Campus books definitely do this. The Goal stands alone, but I believe it would be a lot more fun to read the books in order.

Book 1 is The Deal.

apples-watsonApples Should Be Red, by Penny Watson

This was a short book, but a powerful one. The hero and heroine are older, with grown children of their own. Very set in their ways, I’d say this might fall into the “enemies to lovers” category, although I don’t see a whole lot of the insult trading or passive aggression that I often see in stories with that trope. Overall, this book was very sweet, very refreshing, and the ending made me absolutely giddy.

I’ll definitely be checking for other books by Penny Watson.

smut-by-karina-halleSmut, by Karina Halle

When I saw this was on sale for 99 cents, I snatched it up. As an indie writer, I had to check it out–the heroine and hero get together to write erotic romance. I mean, how freaking meta is this? While I didn’t think all depictions of the business side of things were entirely realistic, the feelings between the characters totally were, and this book, also, had a scene where I laughed so hard that I cried.

If you’re interested at all in publishing and writing, I highly recommend this one. I also recommend it if you like a good, sexy story with humor and heart.

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